How to Opt In/Out of Usage Tracking

Starting in version 0.8 Docket WP introduced an optional usage tracking system.

The first time you used Docket WP any time after this update you were prompted with an opt-in/out screen to make the decision for yourself. This is an account-wide choice— meaning that your decision on this page will be in affect for every website you use Docket WP on (not a website-by-website decision). 

By answering 'Sure, I'm In!', you are agreeing that Docket WP can track the following actions while you use Docket WP:

  • Website URL
  • Site name
  • Docket WP plugin version
  • Your Country/Region (to help us with prioritizing language translations)
  • Plugin Usage Events (importing list, saving a list, making a new list, etc.)

The purpose for tracking these items is for us to better understand how our customers use the plugin so we can prioritize features and provide better support.

We will not collect:

  • WordPress usage outside Docket WP
  • Your WordPress user data
  • Any other WordPress users and their data
  • Other plugins and theme's data
  • WordPress or server info

If you do not want Usage Tracking available, that's okay— the software will continue to work the same with or without tracking.

How to Change Your Opt In/Out Selection

If you want to change your Usage Tracking settings, you can do so from the Plugin Settings page (Settings > Docket WP)

Under 'Usage Tracking' click the 'Opt Out or Usage Tracking' or 'Opt In of Usage Tracking' button to remake your selection. You can change your settings at any time and those changes will take affect for your entire account— across every website you use Docket WP on.