How to Save a List to Your Personal Cloud Library

If you've created a list that you'd like to re-use again on the same or other WordPress installs, you can save the list to your Personal Cloud Library. Only you will have access to these lists.

Here's how:

Open the list you want to save to your library and hover your mouse over the list title. A set of icons will appear, you'll click the cloud icon.

The next screen will allow you to rename your list (but it will pull in the current title as a default) and give your list a description (optional). 

When you've filled out all the information, click the blue "Save to Cloud Library" button.

Your list is now saved as a template that you can access from any WordPress installation where you are using Docket WP.

Note: When you import a saved list, you are importing a "copy" of that list. The original copy will remain untouched. 

If you need to edit a saved list, edit the list from the plugin and follow the same steps to save it to your library. You can manually delete the old one from your My Library Import Screen. We'll have more advanced ways of editing your saved lists soon!